Use Unlawful Fireworks July 4th, Face Steep Fines – NBC Saskatoon

The mayor and various riverside officials are convincing residents on Monday to refrain from using unlawful fireworks before, during and after the 4th general public.

“Let’s be clear: all non-city sponsored fireworks in the city are illegal,” said Mayor Patricia Lock Dawson during an information session in front of City Hall. “You will be quoted if you get caught doing it.”

The minimum high quality for owning, distributing, or using unlicensed equipment is $ 1,000 – the same fine as under a Riverside County ordinance.

“We’re excited to be part of July 4th, but be careful as we go into the season,” said Michael Moore, Riverside Fire Chief. “Leave the fireworks to the professionals. Let them do their job. “

Moore is known for the one to two week interval on the fourth being “the busiest time of year for us”.

“Last year we had 1,200 service calls for fire-like incidents,” he said. “We had 18 actual building fires. There were 500 more calls than in 2019. It is historically dry … (winter season) The rainfall decreased by 40%. There are light, flashy fuels, and a fire can spread quickly. Danger.”

The Fireworks, Police and Law Enforcement Departments have established a municipal firework enforcement task force and staff will begin lively patrols starting Wednesday, in coordination with Police Chief Larry Gonzalez.

“You don’t want to spend the holiday weekend getting quoted,” he said. “The Riverside Police Department takes the use of fireworks very seriously. Make no mistake: we will lead people on illegal fireworks. “

The metropolis will take the strange step of closing off access to Mount Rubidoux on the Fourth. Dawson said the transfer is designed to prevent people from climbing the mountain and setting off fireworks to create forest fire hazards.

In previous years, the location was certainly one of many places where fireworks spectacles were offered. This year, however, due to the increased risk of fire, in coordination with the mayor, the gift will be held directly under Mount Rubidoux in Ryan Bonaminio Park.

“It was so dry, and that’s another reason to stress that you shouldn’t get involved in illegal fireworks,” said Alderman Jim Perry. “Look at the sky and leave the shows to the professionals.”

Gonzalez stated that any illegal fireworks drills should be reported through the city’s 311 call center or 951-826-5311 and 951-354-2007, not emergency numbers, respectively.

In addition to the spectacle in Bonaminio Park, a fireworks display is planned in La Sierra Park. Both exhibitions start on Sunday at 9 p.m.

Last year, all fireworks celebrations were canceled due to the coronavirus public health lockdown.

In addition to a string of fires in the metropolis, there were dozens in the unincorporated areas and various parishes across the county as of the 4th of July 2020 weekend resulting from illegal fireworks drills.

The district passed an ordinance in April that increased fines between $ 1,000 and $ 5,000 for owning and using unlawful fireworks. In addition, costs for administrative offenses can be claimed.

You can find an inventory of the fireworks exhibits here.

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