Tastes and smells of ‘Meals Truck Wars’ take over Saskatoon

Saskatoon residents were able to sample a variety of goodies at the fifth annual Foodtruck Wars Street Festival in the Riversdale area.

The festival brings together 25 food vendors who bring many different types of food to the city each year.

The festival organizers assume that thousands of people have already attended the event.

“Last year we moved to Riversdale, took over three and a half blocks, and valued over 25,000,” said Rick Mah, a festival organizer. “We could even have reached 25,000” [on Friday] alone, the crowds were so crazy. “

The annual get-together gives food trucks a unique opportunity to be the center of attention, which Michael Belt of Alpha Dog Waffles said was a nice change of pace.

“As a food truck, it’s always nice to have an event that’s about us instead of just being a side effect of all the other festivals,” said Belt.

The event is also very dog ​​friendly, with water bowls and mini pools for man’s best friend.

Food Truck Wars ends on Sunday along 20th St. W. between Ave. C and F.

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