Saskatoon’s Metropolis Perks Coffeehouse helps native meals financial institution with unused house

With severe restrictions on most Canadian restaurants, cafes, and bars, the sight of unused tables, chairs, and other areas normally used for standing room has become all too common. As difficult as it is now for companies to be successful with compromised dining rooms, there is always room for creativity.

In the spirit of giving back to the legendary Saskatoon café and bakery, City Perks has just launched a unique campaign to support the Saskatoon Food Bank and Learning Center. Invented by owner Coralee Abbott and General Manager Tania Friesen, Pack The Cafe aims to fill all the unused areas of the cafe with non-perishable food donations for the blackboard.

“We talked about ways to create love in our café without guests [sitting down like usual] and help our community – your idea just came out of that, “says Abbott.” We live on the energy of the guests in our café, like any of us in the industry, and this is one way of capturing that. “

Inspired by pack-the-bus-style food donations, City Perks encourages regular customers – and new ones alike – to add donations to the space between now and December 22 (Monday through Saturday between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m.). The two say they will pile to the ceiling when they can, all in the name of a great local cause.

“[Food is a necessity]. We have the space to do something positive, have fun with it and support the community that supports us, ”says Friesen.

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