Saskatoon’s Foodtruck Wars Avenue Pageant parks downtown as seventh version returns – Saskatoon

The Foodtruck Wars Street Festival returns this summer to bring out a wide variety of dining options that Saskatoon has to offer – all parked together for people to enjoy.

Mean Green Ice Cream Machine owner Rob Hodgins hasn’t always been in the mobile frozen candy business.

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“I’ve been an entertainment agent in Saskatoon and Saskatchewan for 40 years. That was really my main career, ”said Hodgins.

“My daughter bought an ice cream parlor on Broadway. It doesn’t exist anymore … And her life became more linked to a job and a husband and I was looking for summer work so I took over the ice cream parlor and since then she has turned into that ice cream van.

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“This is my sixth year in the food truck business.”

Mean Green Ice Cream Machine owner Rob Hodgins said he was looking forward to the seventh annual Foodtruck Wars.

Rob Hodgins / Delivered

Hodgins said it was “tough” for its seasonal business last summer with the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“I had a place that I went to on P and 11 avenues every day. The girls from Diane’s Kitchen were kind enough to let me park in their parking lot. And I served the people in the Holiday Park area and of course everyone else who drove by, ”he said.

“But all private events were pretty much closed. All public special events like Foodtruck Wars or Fringe or all others have been closed. So it was a very quiet year.

“The last year and a half have been really tough for some trucks. I would say most people in the food truck industry have other jobs that are their main source of income. And so they got away with this other job, but the food truck was very slim. “

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With the return of the festival and the move of the venues this summer, Hodgins is optimistic.

“It feels great … this is my first really big kind of festival-like event,” he said.

“We’re still using caution where appropriate, but we’re pretty excited to be back. This is a very outgoing type of people, both the truck owners and the people who come to the event. Being imprisoned for a year and a half was a challenge for many.

“We started at the Sutherland Curling Club and then the people in charge moved it to Riversdale and that was a good run there. And now they have decided to step it up again and go downtown. So we’ll see what happens downtown. “

The organizers have already announced that the 7th Foodtruck Wars Street Festival will take place on 4th Avenue between 22nd and 23rd Streets and 23rd Street between 3rd and 4th Avenues.

“The safety of our customers was very important to us, so we decided to offer a slimmed-down version this year. Unfortunately there won’t be any contests or limited entertainment, but we have a great selection of grocery vendors, craft market vendors, and lots of table seating, ”read a Foodtruck Wars Facebook post.

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“Our full festival will return in 2022.”

The 2021 festival is open from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. and runs from Thursday to Saturday.

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