Saskatoon YMCA’s CEO clears up some rumours about downtown location

The YMCA in Saskatoon has always been a downtown presence and that continues to be the plan for the future. That from CEO Dean Dodge, who wants to clear up some rumors and conjecture that suggest otherwise. He wonders if there may be some mix up because the YWCA has announced it will no longer have a pool. The YMCA’s CEO adds that with the City looking at a downtown events center and arena, and an entertainment district which would surround it, there may be concerns about the YMCA’s current facility near Option A, which is the north parking lot of Midtown Plaza.

Dodge suggests the YM will probably look different in five, ten or twenty years, just like the past ten years have seen changes which include new childcare services in Fairhaven. The YMCA has 18 different locations in Saskatoon, Martensville and Warman. The service organization could remain where it is, or it could move elsewhere in the downtown area, or it could move to a few different downtown locations. For instance, the health and fitness facility could be in a different location from the daycare centre.

If you have opinions on the downtown events center and arena, there is a public online survey, which begins today (Tues). The City is looking for your views on the two potential sites under consideration, the Midtown Shopping Center North Parking Lot or the North Downtown/City Yards site. You can click here to access it. The survey is open until the end of the day Monday, October 3rd. The decision on the location for the City’s entertainment and events center is expected in November

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