Saskatoon Transit launches new cell fare cost system – Saskatoon

Saskatoon Transit says it will make it easier for passengers to purchase fares.

A new tariff payment system was introduced on Tuesday, allowing passengers to purchase mobile tariffs using one of two apps.

Jim McDonald says Saskatoon Transit has been working on the mobile ticketing system for over two years.

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“It enables people with a cell phone to actually purchase their ticket or tariff product on their phone without leaving their home,” said McDonald, director of Saskatoon Transit.

“This introduction means that our fare collection system is now at the forefront of the system available worldwide and will continue to evolve by adding new features as they are added to the platform.”

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The tariff payment app is available in the current transit app and the new TGo app.

Saskatoon Transit has partnered with Masabi to add mobile tariffs to its service.

Masabi CEO Brian Zanghi said more cities are turning to mobile tariffs.

“With this launch, Saskatoon Transit is leading the way in innovation while offering its drivers a contactless and secure payment method,” said Zanghi.

“It offers the best features, the best passenger experience and greater efficiency for agencies and their employees.”

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David Block-Schachter said that in addition to mobile tariff payment, the transit app now also offers trip planning, real-time tracking, service alerts and connections to first-mile / last-mile services.

“We’re making driving on public transport as easy and stress-free as possible,” says Block-Schachter, Chief Business Officer at Transit in Montreal.

“Saskatoon passengers already rely on Transit to plan their next trip and follow their journey in real time. By integrating mobile TGo ticketing in Transit, Saskatoon Transit offers its passengers everything they need in one place. “

McDonald said it is also another step forward as the city moves towards Bus Rapid Transit (BRT).

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“While we’re working towards BRT, people want to use an app to find out where their bus is right now. The local transport app also shows you where your buses are, ”he said.

“So it’s one of those things that actually move people forward.”

The TGo and Transit apps are both available on Google Play and the App Store.

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