Saskatoon to begin course of on altering identify of John A. MacDonald Highway – Saskatoon

Saskatoon City Council has decided to begin renaming John A MacDonald Road.

At the June 28 meeting, city councils unanimously voted to rename the street, which bears the name of Canada’s first prime minister.

The application was submitted by District Council 3. David Kirton as the road runs through his constituency in Confederation Park.

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STC calls for a name change for John A. MacDonald Road in Saskatoon

Both Kirton and Mayor Charlie Clark said they would work with residents on the street and provide the information about the change, as well as try to reduce the costs they incur.

The city council noted that there have been some setbacks from people who do not want the street name to be changed.

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“Please open your heart. Open your hearts to our indigenous neighbors. Understand that there is still so much pain that is still a wound that is torn open every time they look up and see this sign, ”Kirton told Global News.

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The Saskatoon Tribal Council spoke to city councils before voting.

The tribal leader said questions about dollar amounts and inconvenience were irrelevant and that it was painful for generations of indigenous peoples to celebrate the name of someone who was instrumental in running Canada’s boarding school system.

“I’ll just be open and say it’s a slap in the face when people start talking about it. I know there is a responsibility, but I think we have to do the right thing here, ”said tribal leader Mark Arcand during the meeting.

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City councilor Sarina Gersher on renaming the street, mask removal

City councilor Sarina Gersher on renaming the street, mask removal

Now the city will hold a public consultation with street residents, Confederation Park residents, as well as roundtables with indigenous elders, leaders, and survivors of residential schools.

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The council has also asked staff for a report on log information the next time a street name or city monument is about to be removed.

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