Saskatoon Rugby gives free alternative to be taught to play – Saskatoon

The rugby community in Saskatoon was founded back in the 1970s. Since then the number of participants has increased and decreased.

To make them more consistent, the KREMS Rugby Club has created sessions with the simple title “Learn to Play Rugby!”.

“Rugby in Saskatchewan is a little smaller than in other provinces in our country and we just want to expand the sport in Saskatchewan and enlarge our club,” said KREMS President Jason Brandt.

“So that we can remain competitive and continue to grow in the future.”

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Rugby can also be a transitional sport for those who have participated in high school sports that are no longer available to athletes after graduation.

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Everyone, whether male or female from the age of 16, can come to the club and try it out.

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“We have a lot of great athletes from football programs, hockey, wrestling, whatever it is,” said KREMS assistant coach Mason Switzer. “All of these programs build on a similar point where we can be athletic and train our bodies on the side.

“A lot of our veterans will notice a new person and they will invite them over and teach them the aspects of throwing and catching,” added Brandt. “And they will build it from the ground up until they are ready to play a contact version of our sport.”

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Rugby is a physical sport, but unlike many other physical sports, once the game is over it seems very social.

The club also enjoys getting involved in the community and volunteers for fundraising campaigns when they look after the members of the club’s extended family.

“Not only will you find lifelong friendships, but you will also go out and enjoy yourself,” said Switzer.

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“It doesn’t matter how good your skills are. How far you’ve come or not. We’ll always involve everyone and teach them the game that we play it. Also, give them enough time so that they can get a thorough understanding of the game. “

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