Saskatoon neighbourhood continues custom, honouring important staff

SASKATOON — A Saskatoon neighborhood made some noise Saturday night showing support for frontline workers.

“Building on the great efforts of the residents across our city, including those of Quance Avenue who have been showing support for workers on Satrudays at 7 pm, I would like to encourage everyone to be part of this celebration,” Mayor Charlie Clark said in a statement.

For weeks residents on Quance Avenue have been meeting on Saturday nights, banging pots and pans and lighting fireworks as a way to show their support for those still on the job during the pandemic.

“It’s kind of neat how people can come together even in trying times like this, and it just kind of makes you feel good and gives you something to do and look forward to,” said Rick Haines from Quance Avenue.

In addition to showing support for those working, residents on Quance Avenue have been collecting donations for the Saskatoon Food Bank and Learning Centre.

Quance Avenue resident Nicole Sheedy said at first she was hestant to participate.

“Once you join in and get in there it’s really great,” she said. “I felt good afterwards.”

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