Saskatoon moose struggles to cross road in video

A wildlife researcher believes the moose spotted on a Saskatoon street on Sunday wandered in the city after losing his mom.

The moose was detected on Ken Williams’s home security camera just after midnight on Haight Crescent.

Hours later, at 2:20 pm, Kaitlin Cey and her son spotted the moose from their vehicle — about two kilometers east from the original sighting — at the intersection of Taylor Street and Boychuk Drive.

Cey captured the encounter on video, where the moose is seen unsuccessfully crossing the street.

Cey said her husband saw the moose earlier that day by the Lakewood Civic Centre.

“We didn’t believe him of course,” Cey told CTV News.

“But when we were driving down Taylor, all the cars were stopped and that’s when we saw the moose running around.”

Cey said the sighting was “exciting” for her and her five-year-old son who is “obsessed with animals and going to the zoo.”

Ryan Brook, who researches moose patterns at the University of Saskatchewan, says more moose are wandering into city limits.

Even though the moose in Williams’ footage stands as tall as the truck it walks beside, given its weight and small antlers, Brook believes it’s a young male.

“What most likely happened in this case, I suspect was that mom may have been harvested by a hunter or hit on a highway,” Brook told CTV News.

“These animals have been hanging around mom their whole life, all of a sudden they get confused, and they’re not exactly sure what they’re doing. So, they start wandering around.”

Brook suspects the animal ended up in Saskatoon on Sunday while looking for food.

He said moose can use the river or highways as a corridor to enter city limits.

With no reported sightings, beyond Sunday, Brook suspects the moose has left the city — an ideal outcome for an animal of its size.

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