Saskatoon metropolis council votes for 12-hour college zone – Saskatoon

The speed change in school zones may have been just as divisive in the city chambers as it was outside the town hall.

It took four separate votes for Saskatoon City Council to finally move forward with the school zone change, although changing the times the zones are in effect is extremely unpopular.

The council voted 6 to 5 to expand the 30 km / h zones, which are currently in effect from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., to 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. and put these hours into effect all year round.

The council also voted to remove lower speed zones for high schools on arterial roads.

Most of the secondary schools are on these busy streets, Mayor Charlie Clark told the city council on Monday.

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Since the last mayoral election, it has been up to Clark to break the deadlock every four times.

The administration’s original report suggested changing the window to 7am to 9pm

A motion from Darren Hill of Ward 1 suggested keeping the original time and proceeding with the rest of the proposals, including improving safety for seniors without the use of speed zones and creating speed zones for playgrounds.

The city councils voted on this motion 6-5 as well as a motion to extend the time window by one hour to 6 p.m.

Eventually councilors Hilary Gough, Cynthia Block, Mairin Loewen, Sarina Gersher, Beverly Dubois and Clark voted for the 12-hour change.

Then they had to vote for it again to get it through as a motion.

Dubois, the chairman of the city’s transport committee, told the city council the problem was due to the results of more than 70 traffic inspections in the neighborhood.

“The most common concern of local residents is the speed of vehicles on neighborhood streets,” she said.

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Gough spoke out in favor of the motion and asked the council to think carefully about whether extra travel time is worth the extra safety in some of these most vulnerable locations.

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“I hear from many parents who say that for safety reasons they do not feel safe to let their children run to the park.

But the vote ignores city polls which show a change of times is deeply unpopular.

A poll, included in documents submitted to the city council, found that 80 percent of the 14,000+ respondents online and nearly 70 percent of the roughly 400 residents who voiced their views on forums preferred to keep the same times.

Regardless, the vote sends the issue to the city’s budget talks next week for funding and instructs the administration to prepare the statutes for final approval.

The report says the change will be implemented next year.

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