Saskatoon Meals Financial institution to restart hamper program on Monday

The Saskatoon Food Bank & Learning Center plans to reopen its food basket emergency program on Monday after it was shut down by COVID-19.

On November 23, the board reported three cases of COVID-19 in the workplace. One was an employee who hadn’t worked on the construction site a week earlier.

As a result, the program closed its doors until all employees were tested.

The administration said that the building would be disinfected while it was being closed.

Meanwhile, Prairie Harm Reduction remains closed after one of its workers tests positive. The facility is expected to remain closed for another week.

In addition, The Lighthouse Supported Living assumes that service restrictions will apply until Sunday at the earliest.

Earlier this month, an outbreak infected at least 27 people in the lighthouse. Long-term residents were asked to self-isolate in their rooms and had their shelter temporarily closed to new people.

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