Saskatoon mayor warns in opposition to attending anti-mask ‘Kids’s Freedom’ occasion

A weekend “Carnival” scheduled for Saturday in Saskatoon is attracting the attention of city officials and police.

The event, Children’s Freedom Rally, claims to be a “fun day” for families. Online it advertises face painting, family fun, and no masks.

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Saturday update: 100 take part in anti-mask children’s carnival

It’s this last part that raises the alarm for many, including Mayor Charlie Clark.

“They go back to daycare when they are kids or their school, they go back to work when they are adults, and they put their colleagues at risk, they put their colleagues’ family members at risk,” he said.

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“The intensive care unit is a nightmare”: Wife thanks the community after husband and Regina-Koch died of COVID-19

“The intensive care unit is a nightmare”: Wife thanks the community after husband and Regina-Koch died of COVID-19 – April 21, 2021

The event is one of two scheduled for Saturday in Saskatoon. Another is the so-called “Cruise for Freedom”. According to an online poster, people will gather in the Canadian Wholesale Club parking lot to music, dance, and likely no social distancing.

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The planned family event keeps many people busy, especially with more variants in Saskatoon.

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SHA warns of exposure to COVID-19 variants at Canadian Plasma Resources in Saskatoon

“To involve your children in this way … that’s an abuse in my opinion,” said Even Merasty.

“It’s ridiculous,” said Aaron Roy. “Don’t put children in danger, don’t put other people in danger, it seems kind of selfish.”

The Saskatoon Police Force “balances” public safety and rights

Clark said he was particularly concerned about the rallies this weekend with so many variations in town and with increasing cases affecting younger people in Regina.

“On Wednesday the four people who died (in Regina) were, one person was in their mid-30s, one was in their mid-40s … and this is the exact age of the parents of the children who could attend this rally,” he said.

In an email, Saskatoon police said they would respond to this rally in the same way as they did to others.

“Officials will attend this event to ensure that it is peaceful and that restrictions under the Public Health Regulation are enforced,” said a press release on Friday.

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“Enforcement activities may not always be visible to the public.”

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Another anti-mask rally is expected in Regina on Saturday. Clark said he was encouraging people to stay home.

“I really want everyone to shake their heads when they think about going to this event,” he said.

“Think about the people struggling for their lives in the ICU and make a decision to support them and the healthcare workers.”

In their press release on Friday, Saskatoon police said they are balancing public safety and rights.

“The police’s response to a protest is a balance between protecting people’s rights to express their opinions in a safe and peaceful manner while ensuring the general security of the community as a whole,” it says.

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30 fines imposed since early 2021 for breaches of public health regulations: Regina police

Saskatoon police said they have issued 25 public health violation tickets since the pandemic began; nine were issued in 2021.

It is said that she is investigating further violations.

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