Saskatoon man will get bike rack ticket tossed out

A Saskatoon man who received a ticket related to the bike rack on his SUV has had his ticket withdrawn.

Craig De Gier told CTV News he’s had a bike rack on the back of his vehicle for more than 20 years.

The $150 ticket was issued during a traffic stop on Idywyld Drive during the spring.

“Obviously I’m pleased from the perspective that I don’t have this ticket anymore,” said De Gier. “Also from the perspective that I think it speaks to that these items are reasonable to be used on the roadways, at least as they’re being used as intended.”

When he originally received the ticket De Gier was “completely shocked”. Over the summer he had been avoiding using the bike rack, but says with the ticket being withdrawn, he’ll go back to using it.

“All depends on the situation but I would feel comfortable using it again.”

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