Saskatoon household creates meals field to feed hungry folks in Forest Grove – Saskatoon

You see them add a cute touch to the neighborhood – little free libraries where people can take books with them for free. But a Saskatoon family gave them a more delicious touch to help tackle food insecurity.

Joanne Dudiak launched the Free Food Donation Box in her Forest Grove neighborhood two years ago.

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In Saskatoon, food insecurity is at the forefront of the coronavirus pandemic

Volunteering at the École Forest Grove School, she says the idea of ​​the food box came up to help children who went to school without food.

We tried to get it at school, but they weren’t allowed to do so because of liability and so on, ”said Dudiak.

The Saskatoon mother, who lives across the street, decided that her family should look into this to help alleviate food insecurity in her community.

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“It just made sense,” she said.

The box is simple: anyone can donate at any time and everyone can take what they need. When the box is opened, it is filled with non-perishable goods such as mac and cheese and tea.

“Sometimes when food gets damaged or whatever, I’ll clean it up and keep it as clean as possible,” said Dudiak.

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Free grocery boxes supply hungry people in Saskatoon

This Christmas season, Free Food Forest Grove’s donation box raised $ 800 to put together Christmas baskets for the neighborhood.

The Christmas baskets they distributed this holiday season.

Courtesy Free Food Forest Grove

“I don’t often meet the people who pick up the food,” says Dudiak. While she was handing out the Christmas baskets, she met more people whom she has helped.

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“Especially with COVID this year and people who are not working this year, there are a lot of grateful comments and feedback,” she said.

“When we first did it, we weren’t entirely sure… would people actually use it or would people actually donate? But it has been a great success so far. “

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Gardeners in Saskatchewan Grow More Food in Response to COVID-19: Study

While they’re currently buried under piles of snow, Dudiak and her family are also growing a garden of fresh vegetables in their front yard during the summer that anyone can pick.

She said she plans to keep the donation box going.

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Free grocery boxes supply hungry people in Saskatoon

Free grocery boxes feed hungry Saskatoon people – September 16, 2016

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