Saskatoon espresso outlets commerce diners for donations

In the City Perks Cafe in Saskatoon, donations from the boards are piling up. (Tanya Friesen / submitted)

City Perks and Sparrow coffeehouses in Saskatoon are currently closed for personal dining.

“The decision was that we were not comfortable encouraging people to gather right now because of COVID,” explained manager Tania Friesen.

At the coffeehouses, guests can still drop in and take away or order online to pick them up at the roadside.

Instead of having guests in the cafes, they decided to fill the tables and seating with donations for the Saskatoon Food Bank. Customers were encouraged to drop off groceries, and Friesen said they had been very generous so far.

“We’re running out of table space. I actually started boxing some things to make more space. The people are amazing! People show up with boxes of food, ”she said.

The table urgently needs non-perishable foods such as stews, hearty soups, fruit juices, noodles and canned fruit and vegetables. Baby food is another of the most needed items.

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