Saskatoon canine proprietor searching for witnesses after pet killed in canine assault at off-leash park

A Saskatoon dog owner searches for witnesses after her beloved companion was killed in a dog attack in an open-air park.

On Tuesday, Blossom De Bruin brought her 12-year-old dog Jax to the Sutherland dog park. The couple would go several times a week. She thought Tuesday was just a normal afternoon stroll.

“We had just entered the park and two bigger dogs got together and it went so fast,” said De Bruin.

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She said she tried to pull the dogs – which apparently appeared to be two pit bull breeds – from Jax.

“One of the dogs had him by the neck and the other by the belly and that dog finally picked him up and shook him in his mouth and his belly tore open,” she said.

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De Bruin took Jax to the veterinary clinic, but his injuries were too severe and he died on the operating table.

It still doesn’t feel real to her, she said.

“I saw him after he died and I held him and said goodbye,” she said.

“I know I saw him like this, but I still expect to see him when I get inside and it’s still really weird not having him around.”

De Bruin is a veterinary student at the Western College of Veterinary Medicine. She moved from BC with Jax to complete her education.

“I’ve worked with animals and seen some pretty terrible things, but it’s just different when it’s your own,” she said.

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Animal Control is investigating the incident. Under Saskatoon’s Dangerous Animals Act, dog owners could muzzle their dogs and put them on a leash or microchip them and avoid having to take them to unleashed dog parks.

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They could also face a $ 10,000 fine, and the court could order, under the Articles of Association, that the dogs “be destroyed or any other action it deems appropriate.”

Gerry Bonsal often comes to the park with his dog Claire. He heard about the attack.

“We commented when we came here, ‘There are as few cars as I’ve seen here in a long time,’” he said. “My wife was rather hesitant about coming here, even though our dog is a bit bigger.”

He said if an owner cannot control their dog, he shouldn’t come into parks without a leash.

“Dogs run free here,” he said.

“There are a lot of kids out here playing with dogs, dogs running up to them, and if those dogs are as vicious as it seems … I’m worried about the safety of the kids here.”

Jason Boehr brings his puppy Bella to the park. He agrees that owners need to have their animals under control before moving them to more public areas like Sutherland.

“If a dog is violent it must be on a leash,” he said.

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De Bruin said she wanted to make sure the dogs that killed Jax don’t return to unleashed dog parks.

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“I just think it’s really important to preserve these parks as a place where people and their pets can feel safe and have fun and not have to worry about your best friend getting killed right in front of your eyes” , she said.

De Bruin remembers Jax as “the most versatile dog”. The couple would do many things together.

“He just wanted to be around me and that was all that mattered. When I was there, he was fine, ”said De Bruin.

“He didn’t care if I slept all day or if we went hiking or if he even flew a lot on the plane with me … he was just so calm because when he was with me that was all he ever needed.”

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A Go Fund Me was set up for De Bruin to cover the veterinary costs. More than $ 5,700 had been raised by Thursday afternoon.

The money will also be used for any legal fees against the other dog owner. De Bruin said she was planning to pay damages. She also asked witnesses to contact her or contact Animal Control. Your case number is on the GoFundMe page.

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The remaining money will go to an emergency fund in Jax’s honor at the Western College of Veterinary Medicine to help cover the costs of animals in need of care, animals that have no owners, or whose owners cannot afford it.

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