Saskatoon Boxing Day: Buyers courageous snow for the gross sales

Boxing Day shopping is as much a part of the holidays as eggnog, and a little snow and cold wasn’t keeping Saskatoon from hunting down a good deal.

While there weren’t lineups out the door or people climbing over each other to get the last item, stores were busy on Monday.

“We had some people waiting in their cars this morning,” said Best Buy store leader Selman Dumon. “Thankfully they didn’t come up to the door because it was pretty cold. As soon as we opened, we had about 40 or 50 people walking in. It’s great to see.”

Despite the growing popularity of online shopping, many customers prefer the personal touch of a physical store.

“Some people just want to come in and ask for advice, get our feedback, get information for their purchases, if they’re making the right decision and so on,” said Dumon. “But coming out of COVID, I think it improved our process.”

Many businesses have been running week-long deals to alleviate the rush of a one-day sale. It’s something that works better for everyone, says Dumon.

“Definitely it goes both ways, for the staff and for the customers too,” he said. “Who would want to come outside and wait in line in this weather, when they can just buy the same deal a week before?”

And for some customers, this Boxing Day sale is a chance to replace things that broke, one way or another.

“I got myself a Nintendo Switch,” said Devan Sydoruk. “I had the Nintendo Switch Light, and I was charging it for like two days, and it wouldn’t turn on. So I took it outside and smashed it.”

While he’s leaving the store happier than when his game broke, Sydoruk already has his eyes on some more electronics.

“A 75-inch TV and the new X-Box.”

While he says he’s learned his lesson to take better care of his electronics, Sydoruk may be doing a few more chores to make up for the broken toy.

“Maybe take out the cat litter?” Sydoruk offered.

And when the long day of shopping starts to take its toll, couches and chairs provide a much-needed rest for weary legs.

“We’ve been shopping since 8 this morning, so we’re starting to get hungry,” said Alexia Ty, who was waiting patiently while relatives were shopping.

“It’s their first Christmas in Canada. They just came from the Philippines, so they’re getting new phones.”

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