Police to analyze alleged arson at Saskatoon’s Northeast Swale

SASKATOON — An investigation into an uncontrolled fire at the Northeast Swale on Wednesday night has been turned over to police, according to the Meewasin Valley Authority.

A fire investigator attended the fire after receiving a call about someone burning garbage, the authority said in a news release.

The file is being turned over to police to identify who was burning the garbage so they can pursue arson charges.

Meewasin says it hopes to conduct prescribed fire activities through April and May at the Northeast Swale depending on the weather.

It has strict conditions for those activities and recent windy and dry conditions make it too hazardous, the release said.

“We want the public to understand that a prescribed fire serves many benefits to the area. One of these benefits is a lower risk of an out-of-control wildfire being sparked,” resource management officer Renny Grilz said in the release.

“Burning is a sustainable approach to the management of biodiversity in the Meewasin Valley. It can enhance grassland bird habitat by reducing shrub cover and dead grass material that will benefit ground nesting birds. This process will also enhance the restoration of native grass by reducing the competition from invasive species.”

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