Moose’s stroll by Saskatoon neighbourhood caught on video

It was around 12:30 am when Ken Williams got an alert that something triggered his motion sensor security camera.

When he checked the video, he saw a dark figure, nearly the size of a small SUV — a moose had wandered into the city and made it all the way to the front of his Haight Crescent home.

“We’re far away from anything here. It’s mind-boggling to think … It just sauntered along the sidewalk past the house,” said Williams.

“It was a big bruiser. You can tell by looking at the car. It was as tall as that.”

Williams thinks the moose may have come into the city looking for food, and that it must have come in around 8th Street or on Taylor Street by the new Costco.

He says it’s not uncommon for his neighbors to walk their dogs late at night.

“I thought, boy that would be a nasty thing to run into walking on the sidewalk … they’re like a big shire horse, the way they flap their feet around when they trot.”

Williams hasn’t seen the moose since. He hopes it got out of the city safely.

“I think it either hunkered down in somebody’s yard or it found its way out of the city. Hopefully it did.”

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