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With the holiday season approaching, Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) Saskatoon has launched its annual campaign to promote sober driving.

The Red Ribbon project raises awareness of the risks of driving disabilities at celebrations involving alcohol, cannabis or other drugs.

The ribbons symbolize a person’s obligation to drive safely and soberly and also serve as a moving tribute to those killed or injured in traffic accidents with disabilities.

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“We ask people to put them on their backpacks, their mirrors in their vehicle, their handbags wherever you think they would be,” said Bonny Stevenson, President of MADD Saskatoon.

“We have the little boxes of red bows that anyone can request in their store so that people can pick up the red bows or a window static and take them away for themselves.

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“We have a few events ahead of us. We’ll be there at the Santa Claus Parade … We work an average of two checkpoints a month (Saskatoon Police Service) or Corman Park (Police Service) and distribute red ribbons there. “

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Stevenson, whose son was killed by a drunk driver in Saskatoon, shared how important the campaign is to her.

“It means a lot to me. In 2013 we lost our 17-year-old son Quinn. Anything we can do to prevent people with disabilities from getting behind the wheel is huge to us because we really want to make sure that none more families will ever experience the loss and pain we have endured, ”she said.

“For me, death from a disabled driver is not an accident. Getting behind the wheel is a decision and we ask people to always make the right choices. “

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MADD Saskatoon urges people to plan a sober ride home this Christmas season.

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“Of course, there are always a lot more parties, gatherings … if you go out for an evening drinking or smoking cannabis or whatever it is, plan the safe trip before you go out,” said Stevenson.

“We have a great partnership with Riide and all other taxi companies. Call a friend, stay on a couch. Gosh, call mom and dad.

“Because I can guarantee that mom or dad won’t get upset at all when they wake up at 3am to pick you up. But they will be angry when an officer stands at the door and tells them that their son or daughter has passed away. “

According to the latest statistics from MADD Canada, the country imposes an average of 10 state fees every hour for disabled driver’s license and provincial short-term license deprivation.

The campaign runs until January 3, 2022 and red ribbons are available from MADD Saskatoon at [email protected] or 306-290-8278.

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