Metropolis of Saskatoon to proceed utilizing some COVID-19 restrictions after Step three reopening – Saskatoon

The city of Saskatoon will follow step 3 of the reopening plan on July 11th, when all COVID-19 provincial public health ordinances are repealed. However, there will still be some restrictions for urban facilities.

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“The repeal of public health ordinances is an exciting time in our city. There will be a lot of adjustments over the next few weeks and I encourage residents to continue to be patient and kind with each other and with the city’s staff as we all move forward together again, ”said Pamela Goulden-McLeod, Director of the Emergency Management Organization.

Step 3 no longer requires residents in city buildings or public transport to wear a mask or to distance themselves socially.

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Some restrictions remain, such as the use of barriers and reinforced cleaning practices.

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The city is preparing for around 30 percent of employees to return to work by September 1.

The town hall’s personal services remain open with the plexiglass signs still in place and council meetings resuming this September.

Recreation centers and seasonal facilities like the Saskatoon Field House will also return to the regular program this fall.

Drop-in programs for places like the Harry Bailey Aquatic Center will increase capacity from Sunday.

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Saskatoon Forestry Farm & Zoo will be removing its one-way street with most areas open and unrestricted. However, the children’s zoo remains closed.

One-way streets in the city are also being used again in both directions, with all restriction signs on sidewalks and crossings being removed.

All buses are back to full capacity, with drivers being encouraged to continue using vinyl barriers for safety reasons.

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“COVID-19 posed many challenges for our employees and residents of Saskatoon. We would like to thank our employees and our residents for their commitment since March 2020 to ensure the safety of our community. We appreciate the patience and friendliness that residents have shown in accessing the city’s services, ”said Goulden-McLeod.

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What to Expect if Saskatchewan Removes All Public Health Orders?

What to Expect if Saskatchewan Removes All Public Health Orders?

All companies that want to get rid of their plastic or acrylic COVID-19 barriers must land them as they are not recyclable. Plastic waste that is in a trash can that is taller than 2 feet or about the size of a Golden Retriever will not be collected. The owner of the trash can receives fines of $ 500 or more.

A city statement said plexiglass barriers can be donated to Prairie Harm Reduction or International Women of Saskatoon.

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Employees and visitors of all municipal institutions can continue to disguise themselves, distance themselves and continue virtual forms of public engagement if they wish.

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