Meals provides at Saskatoon Meals Financial institution “extraordinarily low”

Supplies are extremely low at the Saskatoon Food Bank & Learning Centre. There is a City-Wide Food Drive campaign going this month, and the organization is hoping the public can help out.

Director of Operations & Engagement, Deborah Hamp, says, “Supply chain disruptions and inflation are creating a perfect storm for food banks trying to meet urgent needs. The impact of soaring food costs, gas prices and the cost of living is taking a toll on everyone.” They are low on food and the immediate need is urgent.

Hamp states that one in four Saskatchewan children are living in poverty and there is an increased demand for their services, so the Food Bank is calling on the public to come together in support of the community and donate food and funds today. The organization asks the public to donate nonperishable items at grocery stores, host food drives, or stop by the food bank with nonperishable donations during the month of May.

To donate funds to support bulk food purchasing, visit

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