Lunchtime payment coming to Saskatoon Catholic colleges

Parents and caregivers of children who attend Saskatoon’s Catholic schools will now be charged for lunchtime supervision.

Greater Saskatoon Catholic Schools (GSCS) said the fees will kick in this month.

“The cost-recovery fee applies to kindergarten through Grade 8 students in elementary schools in Saskatoon who stay at school for lunch,” GSCS said in a notice to families.

Fees will be $7 per month, per student with half-time kindergarten students paying $3.50 each month. GSCS said that fees will be capped at $14 per month per family.

The fees for both the city’s school divisions were announced in June 2022 in response to budget pressures.

Families with kids attending schools in the city’s Catholic division can pay in monthly installations or make one payment to cover the rest of the school year. The fees can be claimed as childcare deductions on tax returns.

Saskatoon Public Schools (SPS) has been charging parents $10 a month since September.

Half-day kindergarten students who stay at school over the lunch hour are charged $5 a month.

The SPS fee also has a cap, a maximum of $200 per year.

The first payment for GSCS is expected by Feb. 15.

“Fees are fixed per month; they will not be calculated based on the number of school days or the number of days students are present/absent. Fees help recover the cost of supervision; they do not pay for food,” GSCS said in its notice.

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