Lip-sync problem: Regina, Saskatoon mayors sq. off to boost COVID-19 vaccination charges

“Challenge accepted, Mayor Master!” Says Saskatoon Mayor Charlie Clark.

Regina’s Mayor Sandra Masters challenged Clark on Wednesday to see which city can record the most first doses of the COVID-19 vaccine in the next two weeks.

The mayor of the losing city has to be lip-synced to a song chosen by the victorious mayor.

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The COVID-19 vaccination rates in the prairies are slowly increasing after the onslaught of the “scientists”

“The city that receives the most cans per capita from today (June 17th) to June 30th will win the battle here,” said Masters.

“I would really like to win this one.”

Clark said they were always ready for a friendly rivalry with Regina.

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“I’m confident our town will be able to come out and get the first doses as we walk down the home straight towards the end of June,” said Clark.

“I’m excited to do our part to encourage this and help people feel ready and motivated to go out and get vaccinated.”

Masters calls it a friendship match.

“Because everyone wins if we do our part to end COVID-19,” Masters said.

“Getting everyone vaccinated is the way to celebrate with friends and family, open up our economy, and high-five at rider games.”

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Saskatchewan is pushing for first doses to hit the final reopening threshold

Both mayors said they are accepting suggestions for the song that their losing counterpart will have to lip-sync.

Clark has a couple of songs that he’d love to see Masters Lipsync.

“An obvious song would be Running Back to Saskatoon, you know, it’s a popular song in our town and we always welcome Mayor Masters who are coming back here in Saskatoon,” said Clark.

“Feeling Good by The Sheepdogs has a good riff and I would love to see Mayor Masters smack away on that song too.”

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Clark said there was a serious side to the challenge.

“We know the best protection people in the entire community can have is to get the maximum number of people vaccinated,” he said.

“Right now it is so important that we keep these appointments and go out and get vaccinated.”

The Saskatchewan Health Department will monitor initial doses in cities and announce a winner.

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COVID-19: Saskatchewan is pushing for first doses to hit final reopening threshold

COVID-19: Saskatchewan is pushing for first doses to hit final reopening threshold – June 17, 2021

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