Ideas for a extra eco-friendly Saskatoon way of life in 2020

SASKATOON – It’s a new year and some eco-conscious companies in Saskatoon are offering tips for those looking to turn a new leaf and go green.

Christie Peters, chef and owner of The Hollows and Primal, said that living a sustainable life has always been important to her and that she wanted to apply this principle to her restaurants.

“I’ve always been an environmentalist at heart and it just didn’t feel right to do it any other way. So since we opened, we’ve tried to avoid waste as much as possible, ”she said.

Peters said they grow their own vegetables and even make soap from leftover animal fat.

She adds that eating locally and buying groceries responsibly are some ways to live greener lives.

“Support local suppliers and farmers and really try to buy locally and get local produce. They are higher quality, more sustainable and good for our economy, ”Peters said is also really important. So just buy what you need and make sure you’re using it all right, or that you can receive it or donate it. “

Other companies in the area also take an environmentally conscious approach.

Village Green Thrift Shop is one of them. Carol Scott, the manager, said the store is helping save clothes from landfill by encouraging people to reuse clothes and household items instead of buying new ones.

“Come and try thrift if you’ve never been a saver. It’s great, you never know what treasures you will find, ”said Scott.

Some stores promote this message even further, like Escape Sports, an alternative outdoor store.

Marcus Storey, the co-owner, said they sell various reusable items and even jackets made from plastic water bottles.

“Find the things that you can reuse, find the things that have been reused or recycled.

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