How a recent produce donation to Saskatoon meals financial institution got here courtesy of ‘space-age farming’

SASKATOON – A Saskatoon urban farm addresses food security issues by giving back to the community and donating fresh produce to a local food bank.

“This is a unique and innovative opportunity for us to give back to the Saskatoon community,” said Bailey Fischl, President and CEO of Pure Roots Urban Farms, in a media release.

Pure Roots Urban Farms announced last month that it will donate all fresh produce to the Saskatoon Food Bank currently in the research and development unit of Farm Boys Design Corp. at the Innovation Place.

Farm Boys is a company that develops closed farming systems called AeroPods to enable people to grow produce.

The company calls its system “space age farming” on its website.

In the press release, Fischl said the first harvest of the products was delivered to the Saskatoon Food Bank on May 20th after eight weeks of coordination and cultivation.

The first harvest weighed 28 pounds of mixed leafy vegetables, according to Fischl, who expects the donation to average 30 pounds per week as more plants come into production.

Deborah Hamp, director of operations and engagement at the Saskatoon Food Bank and Learning Center, said in the press release that this donation will help the board provide nutritious food to the people who need it most.

“When people with good hearts and great ideas come together to work together for the benefit of the community, we know that anything is possible,” said Hamp.

“We are very happy that this project is growing and are grateful for all those involved who give their time and resources to support our beautiful community.”

Pure Roots Urban Farms has partnered with a number of local organizations to bring this project to life, including The Better Good, Meewasin Valley Authority, and the University of Saskatchewan’s Department of Plant Sciences.

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