How a low-floor Saskatoon Entry Transit bus will assist present independence for customers

Saskatoon –

Saskatoon Transit has revealed their brand new low floor access buses in an effort to provide more accessible options for customers with reduced mobility.

The fleets feature a ramp and incline system to assist operators in boarding the passengers safely.

Tracey Davis, the Access Transit manager, said the average cost for one bus is roughly $170,000 but the city was able to secure funding for up to 75 per cent of the vehicle provided by the Provincial Transit Assistance for People with Disabilities program.

Davis said the new addition of these buses will give those who need it the freedom and independence of using a ramp versus a lift or stairs to exit sand enter the bus.

“Independence is paramount in this industry,” said Davis.

“It doesn’t matter what our abilities are, our independence is invaluable and anytime we can return that independence to our customers, it’s worth every penny.”

Davis said their hopes are to bring in more low floor access buses in the future to provide a mixed fleet so customers have more opportunities for accessibility.

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