Historic Third Avenue United Church bought to Saskatoon Orthodox church – Saskatoon

Third Avenue United Church in downtown Saskatoon has a new owner.

The cultural heritage was bought by the Orthodox Church of St. Vincent de Lerins, who want to restore the building.

“I would like to assure the parishioners who have loved and cared for this space that we will restore this building to a state that is worthy of its original purpose and splendor,” Rev. P. said in a press release.

“(That) includes respecting and preserving the historical features of the building, restoring it as a sacred space for communion and worship, and being accepted into the wider community when this does not conflict with our use of the church.”

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Saskatoon City Council appoints Third Avenue United Church inheritance

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The church was declared a Heritage Site by the Saskatoon City Council in August 2017.

The title applies to the exterior of the building, hammer beam rafters, stained glass windows and the Casavant organ.

Fields said there were no plans to make changes to the historical features, but said the congregation had a number of projects planned to restore the church.

The most urgent thing is to repair the leaky roof.

The city of Saskatoon approved $ 20,000 from the city’s heritage for the repair in September 2020, which is estimated at $ 105,000. The rest comes from the community.

Other projects include repairing water-damaged plaster throughout the property, removing spruce trees to protect the stained-glass windows, and adapting the room for an Orthodox service, Fields said.

The purchase of the church was completed on July 1 after St. Vincent found it needed to move from its current location on Avenue E North to a larger room.

St. Vincent said there was a need for more space to house the Church’s program and community use. It will also provide better access to public transport, including for people with disabilities, and increase the visibility of the community in the community.

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Third Avenue United Church holds closing service after 113 years

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Third Avenue United Church closed its doors in June 2018 due to falling parish numbers.

At the time, church officials said that 20-25 people attended church services, which resulted in less money going into church.

St. Vincent said it pays homage to the 108-year-old structure.

Fields said that this will be done, among other things, through his services, which will be chanted or sung and reverberated in the stunning, traditional acoustic experience of the sacred space.

“We look forward to filling this beautiful, historic church with the sounds and spirit of a parish again.”

—With files from Ryan Kessler and David Baxter

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