Grading begins on Saskatoon residential streets with extreme rutting

City and contractor crews are shaving down the deep ruts where people are getting stuck or there’s a risk of damage to vehicles, according to the City of Saskatoon.

Thursday’s melt, followed by a drop in temperature overnight, has led to deep, jagged ruts on many residential streets.

Crews worked through the night leveling ruts in Aspen Ridge, Briarwood, Eastview, North Park and Nutana, according to an update from the city.

On Friday, 12 teams comprised of two graders each will focus on the following neighborhoods:

  • Evergreen
  • Kelsey-Woodlawn
  • kensington
  • Lakewood
  • Richmond Heights
  • River Heights
  • Stonebridge

Graders will go around parked vehicles, but people living in the neighborhoods are encouraged to move their vehicles off-street if possible.

As graders work to shave down ruts throughout the city, snow will generally be stored in parking lanes.

Snow removal may only occur in areas where there is no room to store the snow.

The work will continue “day and night” with the aim of completing all severely rutted streets within the next two weeks, the city said

“To open up these streets quickly for residents, we need to move fast,” Terry Schmidt, general manager of construction and transportation, said in the release.

“Colder temperatures are coming soon which will make grading harder for us.”

On streets with heavy on-street parking that are too narrow for the equipment, crews will post No Parking signs in advance and relocate vehicles left on the street.

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