‘Freedom rally’ leads to 41 tickets: Saskatoon police

The Saskatoon Police Service (SPS) released pictures of 41 people attending a “freedom rally” earlier this month and asked the public for help with identification online.

The investigation found that these people violated the public health ordinance, according to a SPS press release on Thursday.

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18 tickets issued at the “Freedom Rally” in Saskatoon

Police said the May 9 rally resulted in 18 tickets being issued at the time of the event and another 30 being served in and out of town.

By Friday noon there were only nine photos left on the SPS website.

Saskatchewan’s Minister for Rural and Remote Health Everett Hindley was unaware of the social media posts at the time but responded during a COVID-19 briefing Thursday.

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“The rules are the rules, there’s a reason we have these restrictions, and to get where we are today, to make sure people are safe and we keep COVID-19 under control all over Saskatchewan … so take it.” we take all this very seriously, ”he said.

“It’s important that we are all on the same page as we try to get through this. And, by and large, the vast majority of the people in Saskatchewan have followed the restrictions, but when such situations arise, our officials will look very carefully into what happened and what options we have. “

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Other tickets issued in connection with the protest against the Regina COVID-19 public health order

SPS added that two rallies are planned in the city this weekend.

“The SPS wants to ensure that a balance is struck between ensuring that a rally or protest is held safely within the restrictions of the public health order …

“Action plans will be in place, including uniformed officers and road users. A less visible enforcement will also exist and, as with previous rallies, can take place after the event. “

As of Thursday, the SPS had issued 88 tickets for violations of public health orders since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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