Free meals packing containers feed hungry individuals in Saskatoon – Saskatoon

People in Saskatoon turn to boxes in the back alleys to find food, but it is put there by volunteers who want to feed the hungry.

Whoever has something left can put it in one of two wooden boxes and whoever needs it can pick it up.

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Co-organizer Frank Collins lives in the Broadway neighborhood, not far from a back lane box near the corner of Main Street and Broadway Avenue.

“I know what pedestrian traffic is like here for people looking for something to eat, looking for things in recycling bins and trash cans,” said Collins.

The other box is in an alley between 1st Street East and 2nd Street East and between Lorne Avenue and McPherson Avenue.

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Any kind of food is welcome.

“There are some baked goods in there right now, which is pretty cool,” said Collins.

“We’re not worried it will expire or go bad because it expires so quickly,” he added.

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Ten more boxes are expected to be manufactured at a “Buildathon” scheduled for 10am this Saturday at 1105 13th Street East.

While some have concerns that efforts may reduce donations to places like the Saskatoon Food Bank & Learning Center, the CEO welcomes the idea.

Laurie O’Connor of the Food Bank called it “a great thing for people who access our services when in these neighborhoods because they have access when we are closed”.

The risks are inherent: the recipients do not know what is in the food, who put it there or where it came from. The people who donate are also not sure who is taking it away.

“Anyone who needs it can take it. And if they don’t need it and they take it, well, that’s kind of on their conscience, not ours, ”said Collins.

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