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St. Joseph High School students put on their costumes and went door-to-door Tuesday nights, but not for candy. The students spent their Halloween night raising funds for the Saskatoon Food Bank.

This year’s Halloween for Hunger campaign raised at least 21,096 pounds of food, so much donation the school struggled to store it.

“We couldn’t find enough containers,” said Rachelle Kelln, the organizing teacher at St. Joseph.

“We all have rubbish bins at school, we have the pop-waste paper baskets from the cafeteria, we even used the treasure trove.”

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It took around three hours for the 279 students on 94 routes across the community to collect all the donations on Tuesday evening.

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“It was a lot of work, we probably spent two and a half hours just boxing, and once we got all the food in there was more food,” said 12th grade student Caitlyn Spurr.

“It was a lot of work, but it was a lot of fun and it was nice to see all of the students at St. Joe’s get together to get all this food.”

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This is the eighth year that the school’s students have hosted their Halloween for Hunger campaign.

“A lot is asked of those who have a lot, and this school is lucky,” said Kelln. “The student body, staff and our social justice group believe that our job is to stand up and help those who need it.”

Last year the school donated £ 19,000 of food that is expected to help fill the shelves of the blackboard by Christmas.

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