COVID-19: Saskatoon businessman raises cash for meals banks in basketball-themed marketing campaign

SASKATOON – While sports fans lament the loss of the March Madness tournament Final Four games, a man turns lemons into lemonade. CTV Morning Live Saskatoon’s Mike Ciona spoke to L. David Dube about March MATCHness, an initiative to support food banks in this time of need.

Mike Ciona: David, tell us what you’re doing?

David Dube: Okay, thanks for having me with you. It actually started as an initiative from our employees – who are scattered across North America. Just to dress up wildly, celebrate the fact that even if we can’t have the NCAA March Madness, we can dress up like this and have fun. And then the other day at dinner with my wife this idea came up, let’s collect some money for tables and donate it to her.

Okay so how does it work? What are you doing?

So 64 teams in the tournament, 64 days. Every day for work I will dress in the wildest colors of any school I can. I hashtag them and tag them in my tweets and ask for 100 retweets. I’m going to give $ 500 each day to the school I’m representing that day, and then $ 500 to the local community we serve – so yesterday it was the University of Florida and the Saskatoon Food Bank.

And you mentioned weekends too – so the next 64 days will bring us into June. How far do you hope this will spread?

Well, I would love to see it spread everywhere. I mean, I would like to take the money we donate and increase it tenfold in the local communities to take care of the most vulnerable. Obviously this is a difficult time for people and there is a lot of fear out there and the food supply for our most vulnerable is clearly in question. So I just thought this is something we can do. And the more schools get involved, I start talking to ADs and basketball head coaches and say, get the message out in your community, let’s raise a bunch of money for your local board and take care of your people, and we’ll take care of them us about things on our side of the border.

It’s awesome. In fact, we’re speaking to Saskatoon Food Bank earlier this week and they mentioned that they are currently looking for cash donations, especially given all of the critical concerns about COVID-19. So this is great. Was that why you chose the tablets for this?

Yes, it absolutely was. This is something that is very easy to see in grocery stores a week or two ago, things have been blown off the shelves and it is easy at these times that we are all right to be concerned about our own families and making sure we are taken care of. Once that is done, you need to level up. We can still do a great deal of good in really difficult circumstances.

Well, for one, I’m looking forward to seeing all of the outfits for the next 63 days, now that it’s officially released on social media. Thank you for a few minutes.

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