COVID-19: Out of doors commencement honours 2021 Tommy Douglas Collegiate graduates – Saskatoon

Just like last summer, regular graduation ceremonies across Saskatchewan have been restricted due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

But after last year’s graduation ceremony concluded with minimal preparation time, the Tommy Douglas Collegiate 2021 graduation ceremony went smoothly.

“Well, I know we had a little practice,” said Headmaster Dave Fisher. “It was different this year because we knew what to expect.”

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For months, Fisher and his staff have been planning and organizing the ceremony, at which around 190 students went to take their high school diplomas.

“Families come up and are close,” he said. “Much closer than in a large auditorium or like a graduate of the past. So it has this nice intimate feeling. “

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Each family was given a seven-minute window to prepare their graduates, receive their diplomas, and pose for photos – something that was very much appreciated by the graduates and their families.

“It made it much better to know that everyone who is important to us in our lives will be here,” said TDCI-Valedictorian Erika Stronski. “(It) was really nice for a very special occasion.”

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“We’re pretty proud of her,” added her mother, Andrea. “(We are) very honored to be part of the celebration and glad we didn’t have to follow it on camera.”

Even if their graduation was different from a regular ceremony, the sense of achievement felt the same for the graduates.

“It’s crazy,” said graduate Avery Stronski. “It feels surreal to finally be here after four years.”

“(There’s) a lot of excitement leading to this,” Sister Erika repeated. “So we’re just glad that we can be here, as opposed to a zoom.”

Although congregation size restrictions are gradually easing as part of the provincial reopening timetable, both the public and Catholic school systems have opted for virtual ceremonies. Or outdoors, timed graduations.

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“We did our best with what we got, and that’s all you can say,” said Avery.

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