Committee holds off sending proposed property tax hike to Saskatoon metropolis council – Saskatoon

Proposed property tax increases presented to a Saskatoon committee will not go to the city council anytime soon.

The governance and priorities committee said it was postponing its decision as it was considering options.

This included a special meeting with the Standing Political Committee on Finance to do a more in-depth review of the proposed estimated benchmarks for 2022 and 2023.

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The city of Saskatoon is proposing a property tax increase of more than 5% for 2022 and 2023

Last week, the city government set a target of 5.96 percent for 2022 and 5.42 percent for 2023.

The city government said the proposed increases are needed to maintain current levels of service and service in Saskatoon.

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In a press release on Monday, the city council said the review will allow it to look into more options to address pressure from residents and businesses.

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As part of the process, there will also be an opportunity to involve stakeholders.

The Governance and Priorities Committee also calls for a report on the impact of funding and operation of waste programs, including the citywide organic matter program.

The committee said they wanted to look into the possibility of promoting the organic program as a utility model.

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Saskatoon city councils vote to lower the property tax hike in 2021

The final decision on a property tax hike for 2022 rests with the city council during its budget review in late November and early December.

Property taxes rose 2.83 percent in 2021 after the city council cut more than a percentage point from the proposed 3.87 percent increase after budget deliberations.

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The city of Saskatoon is proposing a more than 5% increase in property tax for 2022 and 2023

The city of Saskatoon is proposing a more than 5% increase in property tax for 2022, 2023 – June 17, 2021

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