‘Anticipating to sellout tomorrow’: Christmas Bushes operating out at some Saskatoon shops

As Christmas Day is on the horizon, trees are starting to dwindle at stores in Saskatoon.

Dutch Growers Garden Center had 833 when it started selling trees this season.

“We don’t have a lot of trees left,” said part owner Nikki Van Duyvendyk. “We’re expecting to sell out tomorrow.”

According to Van Duyvendyk, the price of trees has risen approximately $15-$20 compared to last year.

“The price of shipping has gone up.”

The shortage is caused by demand during COVID, which decreased the supply that was available according to Van Duyvendyk.

“You can’t manufacture Christmas trees. They have to grow. To get the size to be in your homes, it takes years and years for these trees to grow,” she said.

Over at Wilson’s Lifestyle Centre, it’s expected to be busy this weekend selling trees with roughly 100 trees left. They couldn’t give a timetable for when they might sell out.

“Very hard to say. Everyone has a different timeline when it comes to Christmas trees. Having Christmas later this week, I feel we’ll sell through the bulk of them,” said Wilson’s General Manager Rod Woodland.

Its prices have risen by roughly $15-20 per tree, compared to last year, while its sales are similar.

On the other side of the city, the Saskatoon Landscape Store is facing a different story, having more trees at this time than it did last year.

“We do have a large selection of trees still remaining,” said Saskatoon Landscape office manager General Manager Brooklyn Trask.

“We have sold just over 600 trees out of the 700 or so that we brought in,” said Trask.

In comparison to last year, he said they haven’t seen much of a price difference.

All of the proceeds from its tree sales go towards Telemiracle 47.

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