35 individuals at Saskatoon ‘freedom rally’ recognized: police

Saskatoon police say they are issuing more tickets from a recent “freedom rally” in town after asking for help in identifying 41 people.

Police said they reported during a rally on Jan.

On May 21st, the police asked the public for help in identifying these people.

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“Freedom Rally” leads to 41 tickets: Saskatoonoon Police

In an email to Global News on Wednesday, police said 35 people have been identified and tickets have been or will be issued.

The fine for violating a public health order is $ 2,800.

Six people have yet to be identified, the police said.

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More than 100 people attended the May 9 rally in Kiwanis Memorial Park, including Maxime Bernier, leader of the People’s Party of Canada.

Organizers said they were protesting public health orders in force at the time, including a 10-person limit in outdoor gatherings and the obligation to wear masks in all public places.

According to the police, 18 tickets were issued at the rally, and another 30 tickets should be served in and out of the city.

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18 tickets issued at the “Freedom Rally” in Saskatoon

A video by Mark Friesen, who has attended several rallies in the province, shows Bernier getting a ticket.

Bernier also received a ticket the day before at a similar rally in Regina.

Friesen was also issued a ticket at the Saskatoon rally. In the video, he explains that, in his opinion, it is the ninth ticket that has been issued to him.

Since the pandemic began, police have issued 57 tickets for public health violations.

However, the police said that a number of tickets that are being delivered are not included in the total.

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A police spokesman said the total number will increase in the coming days as tickets are delivered.

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